Blogging is Dead!!!

Blogging is not working anymore!!!

No future in blogging!!!

Have you read the above lines recently and wondered whether blogging lost its place in digital marketing?

Because this is the time of quick content.

First, Tiktok, followed by Reels on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube, entered and dominated the content market.

They say now the goldfish has a higher attention span than the human.

This may make you ask, “Will blogging work for my business?”

Together, let’s find out the answer here.

Why is Blogging Important?

Before starting the journey to find out the answer, let me remind you about the most basic digital marketing platform: The Website.

If you need an online presence for your business, you must and should have a website.

If you ask yourself, “why do I need a digital presence?” the answer would be “to reach a huge population using the internet.”

But now, as India has almost 700 million active internet users, how will you find your target market among those vast populations?

Well, digital marketing is the solution.

You will need an effective digital marketing plan to locate and reach your audience among those 700 million people.

The first step of a digital marketing strategy is to increase your website traffic.

Website is the digital address for your store, and web traffic is the much-needed footfall that every founder can dream of. (It’s like ensuring that all the visitors you invited have actually reached your home.)

And there is no best way to increase your website traffic than by using SEO-infused blogs on the website.

A Little Science Behind SEO-baed Blogging 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization works by improving traffic through free organic search results. The website with a higher ranking becomes more visible to the searchers as it appears higher on the page.

Search Engine works with three strategies:

  • Crawling: The “spider” sent by the search engine crawls through the content as per its flow and goes to inbound or outbound linked pages as they appear.
  • Indexing: The search engine indexes or categorizes the page based on its crawled content.
  • Ranking: After the content is indexed in the search engine’s database, it is ranked based on its relevancy to the users’ search.

How blogging helps the website in getting higher ranks:

  • Faster Crawling: The spider crawls faster when the content is better organized and easier to navigate. Optimized content, including texts and images, helps the spider to crawl the page faster.
  • Better Indexing: Using the proper keyword helps the bot index the page better as per the classification of its content.
  • Higher Ranking: A skillful use of short and long-tailed SEO keywords aligns the content with the web search and increases the page’s ranking.

Five Best Ways Blogging Can Help your business:

It is clear now that SEO-based blogging helps your website in reaching a bigger audience, but the advantage of blogging is not limited to this. Here comes the six different ways by which blogging helps your business to grow.

Higher Google Ranking: The blog is the best place to use the SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. The previous section explains how SEO-infused content helps the website to get a better ranking in the web search. Yes, one can do this in the website content as well, but a blog gives the opportunity to add fresh content frequently. It helps the bot to crawl, index, and rank on a regular basis, and that also boosts the overall ranking of the website.

Create brand awareness: The blog is the place to create brand awareness when done with a little twist. You may think that the Instagram reel is the latest, easiest, and fastest way to reach your customers, but you will be surprised to know that, when applied correctly, a blog works in a better way in creating brand awareness in the long run.

Regular blog posts relevant to the product or service of the brand make the audience knowledgeable about the brand’s operations. Blogging also helps the audience to understand the philosophy behind the brand. Overall, blogging doesn’t only makes the brand visible but also creates a way to connect to the audience.

 You can check the blogs of a renowned bakery in Kolkata to understand how they use it to create brand awareness.

Educate your audience: The blog page is a perfect place to educate your audience by sharing your own learning. With the numerous players in the same industry, the race for making loyal customers is more intense than ever. What could be the best way to create a band of loyal followers than sharing your knowledge with them? It helps the business to align their customers with their mindset and start a long journey of happily ever after. It is more important for firms that deal with product and service that is not well-known to the general audience.

✓ Check how renowned financial advisor in Kolkata uses blogs to educate its customers.

Work as customer converter: Blogging makes a connection with the customers by making them aware of the thinking and working of the brand. It is the conversation that the brand starts and wants its audience to join in. Throughout the conversation, the more authentic you would be as a brand, the better connection you will be able to make. The audience becomes your customers when they will relate to your brand and like your mindset.

Today, consumers want to be aware and knowledgeable before choosing a brand, and blogging is the best way to target both factors simultaneously.

Connecting to Customers: Today, the business world moves around its customers, and every business tries to connect with its customers. Blogging has the special power to serve this purpose. Unlike the SM content, the blog explains in detail the idea and thought about the business based on its strategy and operations. It also works as a differentiating factor for the brand in a competitive industry. The brand that is able to share its view with its customers wins the first step of the game.

✓ Check the blogs of the largest manufacturer, Rakhi of India, to know how they inform the audience about their deals and offers.

Blogging can be the next step in your business to make your business grow. If you have not tried it yet, try it now.

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